BelGioioso Ricotta Con Latte Whole Milk

BelGioioso® Ricotta Con Latte® Whole Milk. All natural cheese. Net Wt. 16 oz. (453 g). Classic Italian cheeses. Cheese made from fresh natural whey and a touch of whole milk. Rich in protein. Eat fresh for energy. Top with fresh berries and granola. Mix with cocoa or chocolate chips and a little sugar. Top pancakes and waffles. Mix with fresh herbs and spread on bread. BelGioioso Ricotta Con Latte® has more protein and over 4 times more calcium than the leading greek yogurt, with a clean, slightly sweet flavor. It is perfect protein source for an active lifestyle. The perfect cheese for an active lifestyle compare to 6 oz. of plain greek yogurt. BelGioioso Pyramid: #1 Flavor. 17 Grams protein. 85% Daily value calcium. Perfect for low carb diet. All Natural. Gluten free. 75% Moisture. rBST free*. *No significant difference has been found in milk from cows treated with artificial hormones.