Polly-O Reduced Fat Cheese Snack String Mozzarella - 24 CT

Polly-O Natural Reduced Fat Mozzarella String Cheese. Family size. Made with 2% milk for 1/4 less fat. See nutrition information for saturated fat content. 1/4 less fat than mozzarella cheese. 24 snacks. Good source of calcium which helps build strong bones. Good source of protein to help build muscle. Goodness of milk: 1 Polly-O string cheese snack counts as 3/4 cup toward the USDA MyPlate dairy group. Polly-O, protein, sugar, calories. String cheese (1 oz snack), 8g, 0g, 70. Leading sweetened lowfat yogurt (6 oz cup), 5g, 27g, 170. Leading chewy granola bar (0.86 oz bar),1g, 7g, 100. Terracycle®.com. kraffoods.com. Contains 0g of lactose per serving. Fat. This product 4.5g. Mozzarella 6g. ©Kraft Foods.