Dr. Oetker Virtuoso Thin+Crispy Crust Pizza Pepperoni Pesto

Dr. Oetker Virtuoso Thin+Crispy Crust Pizza Pepperoni Pesto. Thinly Sliced Flavor-Rich Pepperoni, 100% Real Mozzarella Cheese, Basil, Crushed Pesto And Our Signature Sauce, Drizzled With Olive Oil. The Perfection Is Baked In. Not Ready To Eat. Net Wt. 12.7 Oz. (360 g). Love at first slice. Our delicious concerto of real ingredients will make your taste sing like no other. It's the perfect harmony of real and unique toppings-from fresh-picked vegetables, to delectable cheeses, to flavor-rich meats, to our signature sauce, all layered on a thin and crispy golden brown crust, from the most notable European baking experts, Dr. Oetker. Every bite will be music to your mouth. The simple pleasure of time well spent with family and friends is what Virtuoso brings to your table. Please consider recycling the box. Quality Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with this product. Please send UPC and LOT no. to: Dr. Oetker USA, LLC. www.oetker.us.