Nexxus Clean & Pure Conditioner, Nourishing Detox, All Hair Types

New York salon care. 0% Silicones, dyes & parabens. Proteinfusion with elastin protein and marine minerals. For all hair types. At Nexxus, we know that hair is made of around 90% proteins, which is why we use advanced scientific methods to identify the protein needs of each hair type. We create customized formulas, with proteins, to ring your hair back to life. Inspired by the purest things in nature, Nexxus Clean & Pure collection for the essential ingredients to purify and revive your hair. Clean & Pure Shampoo, with our exclusive Proteinfusion blend with elastin protein and marine minerals, gently cleanses, leaving hair nourished and purified. To find out more about the Nexxus New York Salon go to