Store Manager - David Alvarez, 13 Years of Service
Assistant Store Manager & Grocery Manager - Matt Swenson, 7 Years of Service

Meat Department -- featuring Chairman's Reserve Choice Angus Beef, Hormel Natural Choice Fresh Pork and Smart Chicken. Special orders welcome!
Meat Market Manager - Greg McCown, 35 Years of Service

Produce Department -- offering the freshest fruits and vegetables, buying local when possible. Fruit baskets made to order!
Produce Manager - Spencer Bellew, 20 Years of Service

Bakery Department -- providing a wide variety of fresh breads, cookies, pastries, cakes & pies. Decorated cakes for all occasions!
Bakery Manager - Caralyn Harkins, 13 Years of Service

Deli Department-- with today's fast-paced lifestyle, Gene's Deli is making your life easier! Featuring Chester's Fried Chicken and other hot meal solutions, Mrs. Gerry's Fresh Salads, Kretschmar meats and cheeses, fresh Rotisserie Chickens, home-made Sandwiches, fresh made-to-order Party Trays and much more!
Deli Manager - Shelly Boatman, 1 Year of Service

Dairy Department -- quality fresh products brought to you in a clean and inviting department.
Dairy Managers - Bruce Tinsley, 19 Years of Service & Bob Day, 13 Years of Service

Frozen Food Department -- from ice cream to pizza, we have a large selection for you to choose from.
Frozen Food Manager - Steve Atkinson, 4 Years of Service

New DVD Video Kiosks -- make it simple and quick to select movies for your family's enjoyment.
Video/Customer Service Manager - Barb Coates, 13 Years of Service

Health & Beauty Department -- needs for your everyday living.
Health & Beauty Department Manager - Frances Martinez, 4 Years of Service

Office Manager - Penny Morse

Other Long-Time Staffers:
Grocery Dept. - Martha Miller, 36 Years of Service
Grocery Dept.- Lynn Brungardt, 21 Years of Service
Meat Dept. - Alan McKinzie, 12 Years of Service