KonaRed Coffee, Cold Brew, Original

Kona blend. All natural. Vegan. Gluten free. Dairy free. 0 sugar. 0 calories. Contains 231 mg of caffeine per serving. Non-GMO. Paradise in a Bottle: Ready to drink. Ultra smooth. 2x the caffeine! We procure premium estate grown Kona coffee beans, grown on the Big Island of Hawaii, 2,400 miles from the nearest continent, where the air is pure, the soil is untouched and the rain water is pristine. We blend our Kona beans with Colombian beans and then infuse them with Natures Best Keep Secret, nutrient dense Hawaiian coffee fruit. We roast the beans to perfection and slowly steep in cold water. Our proprietary process and ingredients create the smoothest, best tasting craft cold brew coffee on planet earth. Handcrafted with aloha! Our blend contains no Less than 10% Kona beans. Sustainable. Functional. Traceable. KonaRed.com. (hashtag)KonaRed (at)KonaRed. Save our environment. Please recycle.